About Redwood Cliffs

Redwood Cliffs Addiction Treatment is a residential, long-term drug and alcohol treatment program.  We specialize in handling the true cause of addiction, not just the symptoms.  Getting to the cause is often times very difficult, however, our staff have the technical expertise to walk the addict through the steps needed to isolate and find what has been driving them to turn towards the downward spiral of addiction .

Successful Drug Treatment For Every Addict

At Redwood Cliffs Addiction Treatment every client’s case is assessed by a case manager who will make sure that every client gets the proper treatment for them.  This is a very extensive process and is individualized for every client.

The case manager is trained to locate all areas of an addicts life that may have caused the addiction to begin.  Once those areas are located the drug treatment is begun and the addict is guided to overcome those “life hurdles.”

Guaranteed Success

Redwood Cliffs Addiction Treatment feels a responsibility  to the addicts success.  For that, we offer a Graduate Assurance Plan.  For those who graduate the Redwood Cliffs Drug Rehab and follow the Graduate Assurance Plan, yet relapse within the first six months of graduation, are offered to return to Redwood Cliffs for a free 30-Day program.

The Time is HERE!

Make the commitment of happiness and sobriety.   Call today to speak with one of our addiction specialist today.  We are standing by with all of the information and facts you have to know before starting your journey to recovery.